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Welcome to Seidule Films.

Narrative Films

Cover Me (trailer)
Trailer for drama/music film. Runtime: 1m 30s.
A 6 episode web series. Runtime: 2h 7min (total).
The Pursuit of Red X
A musical crime drama. Runtime: 78 minutes.
A post-apocalyptic pilot. Runtime: 32 minutes.

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Other Media

Days of Future Past (Song)
X-Men themes music video. Runtime: 4 minutes.
Heroclix 3D Map featurette
Park Row Custom Map. Runtime: 8 minutes.
Heroclix 3D Map featurette
Savage Land Custom Map. Runtime: 4 minutes.
Body and Soul (Song)
T-Marvin music video. Runtime: 4 minutes.


Here's a little about what we're up to.

What are you doing now?

May 2015: We are in the middle of post-production for COVER ME filming in Baton Rouge, LA. This will be a dramatic feature. We are also exploring festival options for our short film, MY OWN. For Hedges Pictures (www.hedgespictures.com), we are filming a book trailer for NICHOLAS and preparing to film DAY OF THE HEDGES.

What are your plans for the future?

Anything is possible. We will continue to create fun and exciting media and hope to have your support when doing so.

What equipment do you use?

We currently use BlackMagic cameras (the EF 2.5k and the BMPCC). We have several lens choices ideally for close quarters. For sound, we use a Sennheiser MKH416 with a RODE blimp wired with a neutrik XLR cable to a Tascam DR-40. To light the scene, we have 2 500w softbox optional lights, as well as LED lights on hand. To assist the camera, we use tripods, shoulder rigs, and a steadicam. For a pair of extra eyes, we have a 7 inch wireless LCD, wired or wireless. Our gear is specfically catered to shooting narrative film.

Other Links

Here's some of our friends.

Seidule Games

Tabletop and board game design. Currently looking for play testers for various prototypes. Learn more at seidulegames.com.

Awesome Podcast Network

Our podcast network, including podcasts about 80s movies, geek life, heroclix and much more. Learn more at awesomepods.com

Tim Bridgewater

Filmmaker, writer, and podcaster based in Baton Rouge. Follow/Like him on Fan Facebook Page

Hedges Pictures

Fellow filmmaker based in Baton Rouge. Watch over 20 films they've made over the past decade. Find them at hedgespictures.com.


A Jesse Seidule/Matt Hathcox collaboration. Vintage improv/sketch comedy videos.
Lawltown Website

Jesse Seidule

Find all information about me, including my other affiliations, music, and my writing.
Jesse's Website


So many ways to keep in touch.

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